All weekends are held at:

Star of the North Retreat Centre
3A St. Vital Avenue
St. Albert, AB
T8N 1K1

2021 Dates

Upcoming Virtual Weekends:

November 20-21

Typically this is a 2 Day course presented over a virtual platform (Zoom) in the comfort of your own home.
The cost is $150.00 per couple. Registration can be submitted through the Edmonton community page. Payment and other details for these weekends will be handled by the Edmonton Registration Coordinators, who can be contacted by email at:

TBD - CEE (West) will be hosting two weekends a year, one in the fall and one in the winter.

Check back soon for our fall date.

In-house Dates:

*Edmonton dates - Below dates are dependant on the easement of Covid-19 restrictions.

November 20-21 - Now Virtual

Registration Information

*Upcoming Virtual Weekends:

November 20-21

3 Day weekend cost: $525.00 per couple if payment is made by cheque or e-transfer to 

3 Day weekend cost: $535.00 per couple if payment is made by PayPal, to accommodate related processing fees.

3 day weekend cost includes private, individual accommodations for Friday and Saturday nights, with 3 meals on Saturday, 2 meals on Sunday around-the-clock access to a coffee/tea/juice bar. This accounts for $450 of your registration cost. The remaining $75 of your registration covers all other costs associated with the marriage preparation course.

Refund Policy:

Complete registration (including full payment) be finalized prior to the weekend date. Any cancellations made within this 2 week window would receive a refund less any facility and processing costs.

Registration Contact
Hugh and Loretta Brown
Phone: (780) 466-0090

Coordinating Couple
Marcel and Danielle Jubinville