Being the coordinators of an EE community brings with it many things: responsibility, organization, diligence, some conflict, and lots of fulfillment. But I just recently felt a strong sense of pride as well. Not pride in our ability to coordinate things, but extreme pride in the couples, young and old, that continue to sacrifice their time and are always willing to share of themselves with newly engaged couples month after month, year after year.

You rock, EE people! I mean it. Without each and every couple that tirelessly volunteers their time, talents, and treasure for the great ministry that is Engaged Encounter, there simply would not be Engaged Encounter. Period. Yes you’re tired, yes you’re busy, yes it’s inconvenient, but you do it anyway. Why? Because the EE ministry is a value, not an ideal. If we expect our engaged couples to grasp this concept, then it’s crucial that we as an EE community model this by not ceasing our involvement with EE no matter how small it may be. Only by being unified as a community with the common value that is Engaged Encounter will this great organization thrive.

After all, everything that is EE is from God. And what is God? Love. And truth. God unifies us, brings us all together through His love and His truth. Truth, love, togetherness, and community. They all go hand in hand.

Now to challenge all you theologians and scholars a bit. What is the opposite of God? Simple—the Devil. And what is the Devil? He’s commonly referred to as the Prince of lies. Fr. Robert Barron talked very aptly about the Devil, El Diablo, or Diabolos in Greek, and the telltale signs of his presence. In one of his commentaries at that I found particularly poignant, he explained how the Greek word, diaballein, means “to cast apart”, “to throw apart”, or “to scatter.” He goes on to say that THE great sign of the Devil’s presence is the scattering of all things good.

Sounds like the opposite of unifying to me. There is no power in individuality, only in unity. Power in numbers, right? “Where two or three are gathered in my name…”

It is only through our unifying belief and involvement in the ministry of EE that it will remain relevant, fruitful, and viable. Let’s do our best, not just in my community, but in all communities, to not scatter and dissolve into the air of our everyday lives leaving no trace that we ever existed. Yes, it’s more difficult to remain thriving. Yes, saying “we can’t” or “no” is easier, but what was it that Robert Frost once wrote? Something about a road less traveled…

God bless all the great Engaged Encounter couples!

In unity,

Jason Kurzitza
CEE Edmonton Co-Coordinator