“We personally feel that every couple should go through this seminar prior to getting married…”



“Thank you for such a great and informative weekend! We thought CEE was a requirement for marriage in the Catholic Church, nevertheless it was very influential on our courtship/engagement/betrothal. We believe it SHOULD be a requirement if it isn’t, very important for future plans!

We really like how gently you accommodated non-Catholics and approached touchy topics during the rap session.

You’ve inspired us to present in future weekends!”



“We both really enjoyed this weekend throughout our relationship we already endured lots of struggles and dealt with the loss of ways to communicate with one another.  This weekend helped us open up and find ways to express our emotions, and other techniques we can use in our future as a married couple.

Words can’t express our gratitude to the couples who led our weekend. We learned a lot and have lots to look forward to in our future.

Also this weekend gave us a whole new outlook on marriage!

We are eternally grateful!

Thank you!”



“Dear EE,

We have learned a lot from you. Thank you for your time to teach us about marriage. We want our marriage to be a sacramental marriage.”



“Dear CEE,

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to re-examine our relationship and giving us tools to grow as a couple and fight the obstacles that we face. Your life stories are extremely valuable to us since they provide us guidance to our relationship. Also we can related to your stories and see our problems with a different perspective.

Thank you for sharing your time and experience with us and for letting us spend a meaningful weekend together.”